Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WDW Wednesday: Feeling a Little (Chicken) Bleu

First, let me apologize for my lack of blogging lately. I've had a never-ending busy period at work and lots of personal things going on that I'm sure will all eventually make it into blogs.

So last night was the finale of season 10 of Dancing with the Stars, which reminds me of one of my favorite restaurants at Disney's Hollywood Studios: the ABC Commissary. What other restaurant can you enjoy lunch while watching non-stop commercials for smash ABC hits (and sometimes already-canceled shows like Hank)?

The ABC Commissary has your usual quick service-type foods, except all the foods are named after different ABC shows. There is the Ugly Betty Burger, Lost Down the Hatch fried fish, Grey's Anatomy "The McSteamy" Chicken Curry, Extreme Makeover Home Edition "The Complete Design" Asian salad and Desperate Housewives "Just Desserts" Chocolate Mousse.

My favorite of all is the Dancing with the Stars Chicken Bleu. I get it just about every time we dine at the Commissary and I always wondered what made those Disney Imagineers decide that the perfect show to go along a Chicken cordon bleu sandwich was Dancing with the Stars. I mean, you KNOW those dancers aren't eating fried chicken sandwiches and for that matter, there are only a handful of the "stars" that would ever eat it either. Maybe if it was a DWTS salad or something.

Then it occurred to me last night, after watching a disappointing season finale to Dancing with the Stars...out of the 10 seasons of Dancing with the Stars, I can only think of about 3 of the finales that I was really, really happy with the winner. All the other finales have left me, well, blue. This season was no different, with Nicole Scherzinger, who was favored to win ALL SEASON, won. That was a good waste of 10 weeks. I could have just watched the judges drool all over her- the already professional dancing star- and Derek the first week and not wasted my time.

Don't get me wrong, I usually don't have a big problem with someone with prior dance experience being on this show. I always enjoyed the late 90s pop stars being on the show. These stars haven't actively danced in a good 10 years. Even Kimmie-cub was super excited to see the return on Joey Fatone to the dance floor a week ago.

"OMG, Mommy, it's JOEY! That is Aunt Manny's favorite!"

There was something about Nicole that rubbed me the wrong way this season.  Maybe it was because she never really struggled with the dances. Maybe it was because she was more concerned with camera angles than choreography. Maybe it was because she had Derek Hough as a dance partner, and he always seems to make his partners more obnoxious. Maybe it was how she always kissed her biceps in the post-dance interviews. Maybe Brooke Burke is a worse host than Samantha Harris...

Mostly though, I think my Brother-in-Law can sum it up best:

It's those stupid faces she always made whenever the judges told her how great she was. She was just SO surprised that they continuously told her she was the BEST.DANCER.EVER. I threw up a little in my mouth loved how after her last dance, Len told her she should win the competition...before Evan even got a chance to do his last dance. Then right before the winner was announced, she had tears in her eyes because she knew she was going to win, even though she said she was "so shocked". Right.

Every season, I threaten to "quit" the show and yet the next season I get sucked back in. Maybe I should just go drowned my sorrows of this season in a tasty DWTS Chicken Bleu sandwich.