Monday, July 19, 2010

Ode to Sister

Today is Sister's 30th birthday. I'm really sad that I don't get to celebrate with her today, but we had a great birthday celebration for her a month ago on our Disney Cruise! Here is my ode to Sister, to thank her for 27 1/2 years of memories and

For loving me unconditionally from the very beginning...

...sometimes loving me just a little too much.

For being my lifelong playmate.

For always taking care of me.

For being a teacher.

For being SO PRETTY.

For not just being a sister, but being a friend.

For understanding me even when nobody else does.

For sharing my love of cake icing and silliness.

For being the wheat bread to my white bread, the night to my day. 
We are very different yet very much the same.

For always being a shoulder to lean on.
 Even though I won't be with you in person today, I'll be with you in spirit. Happy Birthday to the best sister anyone could ever ask for!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WDW Wednesday: My impression de France

Happy Bastille Day!  I’ve never been to France, but whenever I think of Bastille Day, I think of the France Pavilion at Epcot. More specifically, I always think of the movie at the France Pavilion called "Impressions de France" because there is a scene in the movie that showcases all the Bastille Day festivities. Of course, Sister, the Goog and I always, always, always make the comment that it is really nice to see France celebrating the 4th of July with all those red, white and blue balloons because we are those rude Americans that think we better than everyone else.

The France Pavilion also reminds me of the time back in 1996 when Sister, my parents and I were traveling the (EPCOT) world.  When we approached France, we saw a group of people surrounding a mime. Not just any mime though, a mime in a BUBBLE.  This mime went by the name Bubble Nicolas.  My mom was really fascinated by the mime and wanted to stay and watch him, but Sister, who has an extreme fear of all things clown-and-mime-like, was having none of it.

The red line represents Sister. As soon as she saw that mime in a bubble (represented in blue), she sprinted as fast as her legs would carry her all the way through the France pavilion. We are are talking 2 seconds flat.  As if the bubble mime was going to target her and use her as a human bowling pin. It's because mimes are pure evil and can smell fear. True story.

 Bubble Nicolas in 1996. Watch it, he's about to sneak attack Sister.

I wondered what happened to ol’ Bubble Nicolas, so I googled him last night.  To make a very long story short, this guy was born in the Republic of Georgia.  It is the classic story of his parents wanted him to be something respectable like a doctor, a diplomat, maybe a professional curler, but he wanted to be an artist.  So he went on “vacation” when he was 15 and never came back to Georgia.  Instead he auditioned and was accepted into the Marcel Marceau mime school in Paris.  Some time passed and then in 1996, Nicolas created Bubble Nicholas and, naturally, Walt Disney World bought the show and featured the show in the France Pavilion, where it brought joy to some, but terror to people with mime-phobias.

Rockin' a fancier outfit and top hat in 1997.

My favorite part of the whole story was the quote about for Nicolas about coming to Epcot.  I think the quote is hilarious, but I'm pretty sure the Goog will die a little inside with Nicolas' description of planet formation:  

 "I immediately loved America.  The first time I did Bubble Nicolas at the Epcot Center, I realized that American people had the dream, and that I could share that dream with them. I knew we shared the magic. That's what it takes to create a new planet - magic!"

(See, even Nicolas agrees America is better than everywhere else.)

How did you celebrating Bastille Day? Do you enjoy clowns and mimes? Do you think the only thing needed to create a new planet is magic?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sombody's Turning 30...TODAY!

My sister-in-law, Amy, turns the big 3-0 today. I hope she isn't too stressed about the next decade of her life, because from what I hear, 30 is the new 20. It is waaay cooler than being in your 20s. In fact, I should probably cry myself to sleep every night for the next 2 1/2 years until I turn 30.

Here we are being un-planned twinsies in our matching blue shirts that went along with our matching cameras.  Amy always gives me a run for my shutterbug title at all our family functions.  I was going to post some really old, embarrassing photos of Amy, but all the old pictures I had of her were even MORE embarrassing for the Goog.

So happy, happy birthday to you, Amy. JUST for you, I made a huge sacrifice and ate this 4-layer Reese's peanut butter cup cake because I am what you would call a piggy-piggy oink-oink thoughtful!

If only I could remember who else turns 30 in 6 days...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why you should never let boys pick up food alone

The Goog's best friend, G, came to visit us this weekend. His visits always guarantee a weekend full of food, movies, and sports. Luckily, I like 2 out of the 3 of those things.  Early Saturday afternoon, the guys decide it is time for some lunch, and since I was not completely dressed yet (Saturdays are lazy days in the Mac house), I suggested that they go to McAlister's deli to pick up some lunch so that I didn't have to go out just yet.  It was a risky move sending the guys out in search of food on their own, considering last time the Goog  (and my B-i-L) went out on their own, they came back with matching 2-in-1 shirts.

Half an hour later, I hear banging on the front door and open it to find both guys standing there with the 3 HUGE bags of food. 2 of the bags were from McAlister's, as planned, but then the other bag was from my favorite bakery of all time, Servatti's. That bag included:

Zebra striped doughnuts...

Butter cookies...

and the most delicious, chocolately, dreamy pie on the planet...
Triple Chocolate Flan.

I definitely appreciate them bringing me Servatti's, but if I let them go out to pick up food too often, I'm going to end up weighing 400 pounds.  I just can't resist sweets, especially when they are as wonderful as the triple chocolate flan!!

That wasn't all that they did while out picking up lunch.  While we were eating, they tell me they came up with this BRILLIANT plan on the way home. See, apparently, they want to start a Curling team because there are very few teams that even try out for the USA Curling team, so this would be their best shot at going to the Olympics.  But since curling is such a boring sport, they want to be the Happy Gilmore(s) of Curling.

They already have their team picked out too. The Goog will provide the physics background, G and another of their friends are very coordinated, and they also have a 6'8" basketball-player friend that is (obviously) very athletic. Plus, the Goog and G both are masters of the broom (they both had a job as a janitor). So watch for us in the 2018 Winter Olympics. I will be the one on the sideline stuffing my face with chocolate flan.

Friday, July 9, 2010

South Carolina: Made for Vacation

I had an weird conversation with one of my co-workers today. I'll just call him "WDG". He is out next week on vacation so I was just inquiring where he was going on vacation. Not something, in my opinion, that is very prying. The conversation went like this:

Me: Are you out all next week?
WDG: Yep, Yep.
Me: Where are you going?
WDG: Um....(longer than necessary pause) South Carolina. 

 First off, South Carolina has over 200 miles of beaches.  It is, after all, a coastal state. But I can't rule out a vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains or on a a lake. Naturally, coming from Huntington, WV, I would guess he was going to Myrtle Beach because that is THE hot spot beach for all Huntingtonians. Maybe I should be impressed that he is going to see and do everything possible in South Caroline in one week.  So i continue:

Me: Well...WHERE in South Carolina? That's a pretty big state.
WDG: Hilton Head (which he said very matter-of-factly, like that is the only thing to do in South Carolina)

What is even weirder is WDG has gone to other beach vacations before and he is always very clear about which beach. It isn't like when he goes to a beach in Floirda. He doesn't just say he is going to "Florida," but will say he is going to Destin or Pensacola. 

I'm a little guilty of doing this because I'll often say I'm go on vacation to "Florida," but you can bet your bottom dollar that my definition of "Florida" is a Disney World sandwich on some Gainesville bread...that is a visit in Gainesville, followed by a trip to Disney, followed by another visit in Gainesville.

I decided that whenever I go anywhere now, I'm just going to give just the state I'm going. Let people try to guess what exactly I'm doing in that state. If I decide one weekend to go to Columbus, I'm just going to say I'm going to Ohio, despite the fact that I work in Ohio. Maybe I want to take a trip to Lexington...that just a minor detail, people just need to know I'm going to Kentucky. So what if I actually live in Kentucky.

Was I wrong to think there were other things to do in South Carolina besides Hilton Head? Do you enjoy awkward small-talk conversations at work? What state are you visiting this weekend?