Friday, May 27, 2011

I Was a (Future Corporate Accounting) Senior Hottie!

 I had a strange request this past week. My Sis needed me to scan a couple of her senior photos, and it was URGENT. I soon found out it was part of a link-up with  a Belle, a Bean, and a Chicago Dog where everyone was digging out old high school photos. So, I "dug up" my class of 2001 out of the depths of my external hard drive.

First up, the classic senior portrait, including gold leaf name and date in the corner.  The most tragic thing about this picture is that I still look exactly the same 10 years later.  Not the worse thing in the world, except when people think I'm a certain co-worker's daughter.

Starting my corporate accounting look early in life.
The most memorial thing about my senior year was my future husband and I started dating about 6 weeks before graduation.  We started dating just in time to go to senior prom:

Fun fact: I wore these same shoes on my wedding day.
We also got to spend our senior spring break together in exotic Cincinnati, OH (before I moved here for college):
Old married couple?
Finally, graduation! We were forced to chose a career path in 8th grade, so that big pink ribbon I'm wearing meant I was going to be in the medical field and the Goog's yellow ribbon meant he planning on being in the liberal arts (as a radio broadcaster).  Neither of those career choices lasted much longer after this picture was taken (I'm now an accountant, and he is a physics teacher!)

I promise I own more clothing than light blue shirts & dresses!!

Go join in on the fun!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

FACT. God drives a Ford Explorer. I had the honor of following God out of downtown Cincinnati last night:

FACT. Finding 10 Q's is harder than it sounds:

FACT. Today begins 1 of 3 times of the year when I'm not super swamped and crazy busy at work. Squee!! It's going to be a very happy Friday!