Monday, December 19, 2011

My 3 Tiny Little Reindeer

For many years now, I have had a tradition of humiliating my cats by dressing them up in festive headgear.  The tradition started in 2008, when I found a pair of pet antlers and thought my then 17-year old cat, Katy, would look adorable in them. Since she was the most easy-going cat in history, she played along:
Katy Sue Wigglesworth. 2008.
The following year, Willie and Kimmie got the antler treatment.  Kimmie was still way too tiny for the antlers:
Kimmie at 9 weeks old.
In 2010, we took a break from the antlers and instead dressed up like the big man himself- Santa Paws:

Willie as Santa Paws.
This year, I had a challenge with the antler pictures. Goog was out of town, so I had to set up my camera on a timer, place the antlers on the cats, and position ourselves in the chair all within a 10 second time frame.  It worked with Kimmie, but when the pipsqueaks both wiggled out of their antlers, I had to go with my trusty iPhone.

Reindeer Kimmie.
Reindeer Mitzi.
Reindeer Pippa.       

Even though you couldn't see my whole outfit in any of these, I was completely antlered out head to toe.  Antlers, reindeer shirt, and big-nosed reindeer pants:
Reindeer Sarah.

I'm Antlering Up! With Taming Insanity!


  1. YAY!! They look so cute! Well, I mean, equally cute and that they want to kill you.

  2. You appear to still have all your limbs in those photos! If I had tried to antler up my tabby, I'm pretty sure I would be missing one (or all four) by now!

  3. But don't cats always look a little bit like they want to kill you?

    Best murderous reindeer ever. I'm impressed by your skills with the tripod.

  4. I discovered your blog through Amanda at It's Blogworthy. This is a hoot! Those cats do not look humiliated AT ALL. ;)